Thursday, August 27, 2009

tagged~ by psenk~

Now, here's what you're supposed to do, and please do not spoil the fun. Copy and paste this into your notes, delete my answers, type in your answers and tag whoever you want to answer this. Then see what happens.

1. Do you need him/her to be good looking?
: xsemestinye... klu kne ngan taste ako.... heeheh

2. Smart?
: yup

3. Preferred age?
: dunno... if can... younger la... ahhaha..

4. Preferred height?
: dun care... but better a bit shorter than me la... hohoho..

5. How about sense of humor?
: yup... besh bwk borak... xnk klu borak mcm ade ala2 akward sket... xbesh~

6. Accepts you for who you are?
: 100% must be sincere~

7. Color hair?
: natural... dun wan dye one..

8. Mushy or no?
: Mushy? mcm comel kew? klu cm2 ske2...

9. Thin or fat?
: from thin to chubby... (memilih kn ako nh... ish3... xsedar diri)

10. Black, Brown or White (skin color)?
: berkulit cerah~

11. Long hair or short hair?
: short la.. mcm horikita maki~ heeee XD

12. Handsome or cute ?
: cute la... xkn la handsome... ade kew pmpan handsome? stakat nh penguin kacak pnah la dgr~ hahahah... ( p.s penguin tuh adalah seorg pmpan ye~)

13. Smells good?
: smell? errrr... to be honest.. yes... hahahah... tp xde la nk pg bau die... haahaaha..

14. Smoker?
: no....

15. Girl/Boy-next-door type?
: xpham.... jap tnye psenk~ no answer~ hoohho... tnye diorg.... hmmm... so my answer... yes...

16. Plays piano?
: ske2~ heheehehee~

17. Plays bass and/or acoustic guitar?
: guitar? hmmm... ske... tp xsgt la... nk ako yg men ntuk die... ahhahha.. die men piano ntuk ako~

18. Plays violin?
: mantap gak.... tp.... depends la..

19. Sings very good?
: hmmm.. dun care la.... if can... its a bonus...

20. Vain?
: vain means perasan eh? no....

21. With glasses?
: dunno..... anything can la...

22. With braces?
: dun care... sooner or later it will be taken off.. haahh... lbet kurg mcm ayat psenk jew...

23. Shy type?
: shy~ hehheh... ske tgk org blushing.. coz u know she into u~ hahhhaah....

24. Rebel or good boy/girl?
: good girl but not skema type la... hohoho

25. Active or passive?
: active maybe...

26. Tight or bomb? * hot or sexy ?
: cute... hahhahah

27. Singer or dancer?
: dancer? hmmmm.... singer? like i said.... its a bonus...

28. stunner?
: hmmmm... mayb... tp nnt sume org tgk die... kurg selese la.... huhu...

29. Hiphop?
: euwwww... pmpan hiphop? no offence.... no~

30. Earrings?
: ok jew~

31. Dimples?
: pretty zinta~ ke ai~~~~~

32. Bookworm?
: no....

33. Mr/Ms. love letter?
: wow... nice~ i like it... hohohoo...

34. Playful?
: Yes

35. Flirt?
: hmmmm... not too flirty la... hohoo.. yala... 2 make u feel special ma~

36. Poem writer?
: errr..... klu die bt pn.. xpham kot... hahahh..

37. Serious?
: serious when u need to be serious....

38. Campus crush?
: ermmmm... i dun mind...

39. Painter?
: no effect...

40. Religious?
: top listed~

41. Someone who likes to tease people?
: i think no... kind person~

42. Computer games geek? Or internet freak
: hahahah.... bule maen dotA skali.... hahahah..

43. Speaks 20 languages?
: wow... mantap gak... can teach me...

44. Loyal or faithful?
: of coz la...

45. emotional or cool ?
: cool.... coz i'm emotional... if both emo... its like same poles of magnets.. repels~

additional *
enter your crusher's name...
so that she/he will know wat u think bout him/her.
: what the???? xmo tules~ hahaahhah.... nobody really know~

Sunday, August 23, 2009

nobody really know~

ape ko rse klu org yg ko suke... ckp ko suke sorg pmpan laen... yg ko x suke sgt... huhu.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

simple things which makes a huge effect~


ako tersentak.... huhu.... btul la ape yg diperkatekan oleh rakan ku. ako leka. huhu. ako lupe. thanks 4 igtkn ako. perkara simple cm2pn ako bule lupe. huhu. remember ur purpose. remember ur mission on earth............

lg perkare simple berlaku. but that simple thing made a huge effect to me. heeee XD happy~ everybody knows it but nobody really know, that that simple things means a lot to me...

happy~ :)


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

post xde hale tuju


hmmm... d class started d past few days. quite ok la. but still i hav 2 read a lot. n like what i hv learnt in my beloved school,STAR, which is OSA, stands for One Step Ahead, its crucial 4 me 2 practise it here. if not i will be completely blur in class. seyesly. with the tempes that r freaking genius. its not genius i think. its juz bcoz they juz pass their examination right before entering d university. but for us, the msian student, especially me, my brain is like berkarat. beku. hohoho. so hv 2 catch up wif them. huhu. then, the other things happen in d past few days is.....


to be honest i enjoy it. really. most people get scared, some say its disgusting. some fainted ( actually a hv'nt see anyone faint la. juz heard from d lecturers. hohoho). but 4 me, it was nice. heheh. at first i was a bit kekok when cutting the cadaver's ( which is the bodies) skin. but then it feels like cutting a chicken chop.. hohoho.. more accurately its like cutting the cow's skin off like they usually do in raya korban. huhu. its not like i' samekan the cow and the person, but it feels the same. huhu. but still, i only dissected the pectoral region, which is the easiest part, coz there r no arteries, veins, nerves that i can accidentally cut it off. so, l8r its going to be harder. but still, im waiting for that. hehehe.

hmm. here every night we hv 2 go to the dining hall, which is very small, juz a few people that cn fit in. then hav 2 order there, n wait. wait.. n wait.. its like sitting in there doing nothing. juz chit-chatting. wasting tme. huhu. but 2night, its different. hehe. we ordered US pizza. heheh. so yummy. like it. although its not like in msia, but eating it feels like im home. hahah. yala. everyday eat the same food. mamak type of food. huhu. so having pizza once in awhile.. hahha. yeah. once in awhile. thats what the warden told us juz now. huhu. he dun want us to be centre of attention. yeah right. we r the centre of attention even if we d'nt order it. coz were msian. foreigner. everybody is looking at us. i mean.. STARING. huhu. its like were from another planet. hahha. tat really annoy me. huhu.

well.. thats all 4 2night. tomorrow no class. yeay. haaa. thanks 4 reminding me ,lights. huuhu.. blackout. i hav to get use to it.. ish.. so hard to type in the dark. huhuh... luckily i hav my battery in my laptop.. usually i take it off. coz its full oredi. but ive learnt my lesson. hahaha. in case things like this happen. blackout. so i wont lose my work. hoho. if not i wont be posting this post.. ahhaha.. hmm.. back to the topic.. tomorrow no class.. YEAY!! but got orientation. hoho. act still hav class but only from 8 to 9. huhu.. again, tats all 4 2night.. buh-bye!