Friday, July 31, 2009



huhu. ive been thinking of doing a post about my arrival in india, but. guess im too lazy. hoho. but now suddenly im feeling like writing something. huhu. act i dunno what 2 write about. so i think i juz write wat i learn about india.. hoho. hmm. 1st, d system, is not like in malaysia. suppose the process could compete within a day, but they dragged it until 3 days. huhu. so annoying.. really. n there's 1 incident, where i wanted 2 withdraw my money, using my account book, or pass book, as they call it in india. i was standing in front of the counter, looking at lady behind d desk. she was counting a bundle of cheque. she looked at me, then continue to count. so i waited...... after finish counting, she looked at me and say,

"sorry, u cant withdraw money 2day. its already 5 o'clock. come back 2morrow.."

i was like.... WHAT!!!!!!!!! y dun u say it to me earlier?? wasting my time standing in front of u. but i didnt say it to her. dun wan 2 be rude. n im in her territory. so i juz zipped my mouth, with a fake smile, i went out. huhu. so annoying~

hmm, juz want 2 share some few facts about india..

1. if u wan 2 ride a roller coaster, its cheap.. well. depends on how far it is.. it can be around Rs. 30 to Rs. 80 (rm 2.40-rm6.40) it's called AUTO.

2. better u eat inside d campus for at least a week so that ur stomach is not too shocked~ ive learnt my lesson..

3. they actually have a noodle sandwich.. u know.. sandwich.. with noodles in it.

4. if u see somebody is peeing at the side of d road. dun be surprised. its normal~

5.they have mountain dew here~ cool..

6.books here is quite cheap..
this is my 1st year books.... huhu.. only 4 1st year..

n it cost me around Rs. 4500..(rm 315)

7. we malaysian there is like their 'lombong emas.' so be careful of what u r paying.

8. but still, there treat us nice. most of them.

9. call cost is far more cheaper compare 2 msia. im talking about international calls.

10. if u wan 2 watch movies in their cinema, be ready to stand up before d show for the national anthem. n there will be a break in the middle of the story. well, it makes sense. hindi story usually last for about 4 hour at least. but they still hav a break in harry potter.. hoho.

11. there's no fish here.. huhu. i mean in belgaum la. i think they hav fish in goa. or bangalore. i think.

12. i like the cheese dosa. or in msia we call it cheese thosai. so cheesy n got masala in it.

13. its called mutton manchurian.. tasty~

14. its easy to see a buffalo. even on the street.

huhu. i think thats it for now. i write more if i have any idea what 2 write. n if im not too lazy to write.. hehehe. to my family n friends, all the best.. n wish me luck!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

goodbye sayonara~


today's the day

goodbye malaysia......

india~ here i come......


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

boys n girls~


compare dis 2 video~



no comment~ hahhaa...

Monday, July 6, 2009

6 hari lg..huhu


waduh2.. 6 days more b4 i fly... huhu... sad.. still cant believe im flying next week.. it seems so early.. n i miss my life in KI.. huhu... but i cant be like in KI when im in india. it a whole new world out there..

hmm. lets see my preparation b4 fly... nothing... still dun pack my stuff.. im still at Klang.. going 2 my frens house 4 farewell party.. start Saturday at hami's place.. lunch.. then that night at a restaurant.. 4got da name oredi.. its xiao chien's party.. my college mate. nice. taking picture.. they r so photo addict. haha. dunno if the label its right o not. doesnt matter. then meet my old fren.. hahaha. xknal sgt pn. alex n nikki. both of then quit the deal then go to IMU 4 medic. nice. sgt peramah. after that went karaoke at greenbox until late night. quite expensive. but once a life time. not! hohoh. jarang2 la kot.

sunday plak went to hadi's house. huhu. sorry cause a bit late. they were bacaan yasiin. but we arrive as soon as the yasiin ends.. huhu.. sorry.. xsngaje. huhu. then makan2, chit chat. blk klang.. then shopping at jusco bkit tinggi. not much to shop. im not a shopaholic like the other girls.. hoho. then juz now i went 4 kalpana's. hoho. besh2. we were ask to dance in front of the audience which consist of kalpana's fren n family. sgt segan.. but still we dance. haha.. the dheemthanakka thillana's song and pallanadhu. the pallanadhu i tibai2. haha. then i got positive response from the audience. acheh~ heheh.. its true they praise me.. yela.. klu dh berlatih kt college.. thats y it look nice. credit to yugen n padma 4 teaching me the steps. hhehe.. miss those 2. then tommorow im going to mid valley. act today la. want 2 watch ice age. act not me. somebody else want to watch.. hehe. so i juz ikot. hehe. then the day after that going out oso. but not sure where. at wednesday onwards then im preparing 4 my flight to india. my mother book me oredi wednesday n thursday. huhu.

hmmm. thanks 2 all u guys 4 inviting me (accept xiao chien.. hehe.. she didint invite me but i came with my muke tembok.. but still she give me a memorable photo.. tq), feeding me(really feed me. coz im full from the day i come Klang until now. hoho..). hehe. n spend time wif me.. really appreciate it. im gonna miss u guys. huhu. c u nex time....

tick tock tick tock...
the clock is ticking..
time is running out...

Friday, July 3, 2009

aiza mengetag saye~


1. copy gambar amal islam dibawah. copy satu post ni pun tak pe. mudah dan menjimatkan mase. harapnye gitu...

2. kemudian pilih 10 org sahabat dan anda wajibkan mereka berbuat perkara yang sama. ingat! 10 orang tau! lagi ramai lagi bagus. terlebih? jangan melampau sudah. hehe
with the power given, i tag:

saye tag~
1. ain
10.acap rahman